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The Resonance Labs is a Software company that has proven expertise in delivering end to end Cloud and Data infrastructure solutions.

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Big Data


Data Observability Pipelines

Event Driven Architectures

  • Event Driven Pipelines Architectures
  • Event Storage, Delivery & Processing Solutions

Security, Infrastructure and Compliance

Tenancy, Users and Groups Management

Content, Media, Notification & Messaging Pipelines

  • Notifications: email and push notifications
  • Transactional emails
  • Media and Content Generation Pipelines
  • Deep linking, Content sharing, previews, widgets

Metering, Costing and Billing


Developer Ecosystem


  • Continuous running tests
  • Comprehensive regression tests
  • Test data generators
  • Combinatorial tests
  • Chaos tests

Customer Benefits

Faster Development Times

Onboard new features faster

Case Studies have consistently shown Faster Dev Times - for example, Web Crawl Archive Case Study dev effort reduced from 42 dev weeks to 8 dev weeks

Reduced Costs

Lower new feature development costs (From lesser staffing needs)

Reduced system maintenance costs

For example, in a web crawler case study, ROI calculations for a small sized data team suggests ~20% ($540K) savings in 1 year on AWS spend of ~ $40K per month, primarily from headcount reduction. Switching costs payback time is estimated at ~1.8 months

Serverless & Elastic Scale

Customers have achieved high scale with our Serverless (Lambda) infrastructures & Elastic Scaling.

In a web crawler case study, #Let’s Data processed 219K files (~477 TB) from S3 using Lambda in 48 hours at a nominal cost of $ 5 per TB-Hour!

Standardized Development & Operations

Resonance follows AWS Best Practices and Customers get Enterprise must-haves for free

Full featured CLI, SDKs, APIs, Custom Developer Workflows, Standardized Docker Containers

Simplified operations from Serverless - example, no provisioning / deprovisioning, fleet management, software / hardware maintenance


Here are a few products that we've built over the years as a sample Portfolio.

LetsData logo

LetsData (www.letsdata.io)

Cloud and Data Infrastructure Product

We developed LetsData - Cloud SAAS infrastructure that simplifies how you process, analyze and transform data. LetsData simplifies the creation and management of data and compute pipelines using AWS services. LetsData provides turn-key infrastructure for common data tasks using AWS. #Let's Data pipelines are designed for companies investing in data infrastructure for their business.

While developing Lets Data, we invented a proprietary IAM permissioning & security model, designed a managed lambda compute service, developed a fault tolerance model, created metrics dashboards, designed logging infrastructure, built metering and usage services, integrated with payment gateway for billing, designed a tenant and user management, built managed connectors to AWS services, wrote developer SDKs and code samples to name a few highlights.

Learn more about at  www.letsdata.io

Salient publications
LetsData logo

Resonance (Lets Resonate) (www.letsresonate.net)

Mobile, Web and Cloud Product

We developed Resonance (Lets Resonate) - a social network for music. With Lets Resonate, experience music with people who matter in life, share music with friends and personalize new music discovery from friends and family. (The app is no longer maintained on the App Store, but the website is live and the technology is solid.)

While developing Lets Resonate, we developed a bunch of cool technology - a few highlights are shared as follows:

  • iOS App: UI development, API integration
  • API: design, caching, quotas & API Gateways
  • Instrumentation: Logs, metrics, alarms, user analytics, crash reports
  • Operations: Automated build, package, deployment, continuous tests
  • Notifications: email and push notifications, transactional emails
  • Backend: NoSQL databases, Lambda
  • Web: Deep linking, Content sharing, previews, playback widgets
  • Testing: Continuous running tests, comprehensive regression tests, test data generators, combinatorial and chaos tests
  • Growth hacking: user onboarding, acquisition, activation & retention
  • Media and content generation pipelines

Learn more about at  www.letsresonate.net

Proprietary Algorithms and Infrastructure
  • JSON Text Compaction
  • Recommendations
  • Music Ranking
  • Music Search and Matching
Salient publications

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